Move In/Out Cleaning

If you’re getting ready to move into a new home in the Salt Lake City area, you probably already realize what a significant transition this is. Whether you have a new job or are just relocating to accommodate a growing family, there is much to be done in the process of moving out of your old home and into the new one. Aside from packing and organizing, you also need to set up utilities, transfer services, and so much more. When you work with the qualified move in / move out cleaning staff here at Capital Cleaning, we can make the process easier by taking on the cleaning related to your move.

Move Out Cleaning Services

If you rent your Salt Lake City home, apartment or condo, you likely paid a deposit when you first moved in. This was to ensure your landlord was financially covered should you leave the home in disarray when your lease expired. Our move out cleaning staff understands the intricate details landlords look for, and we have a checklist that can best ensure we leave no stones un-turned. Leaving your old home in good condition can put the odds of receiving your deposit back in your favor, and this can quickly allow you full return of investment and more depending on your circumstances.

Move In Cleaning Services

The best time to clean your home in the Salt Lake City area is before you ever move your belongings in. After we clean up your old home, our move in cleaning staff is here to put our skills and resources to work getting your new house in great condition so you can enjoy a fresh start for many years of memories to come. Think of it as starting off on a fresh slate. Get your free quote today and enjoy the many ways we can make your Salt Lake City, UT move a productive one.


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