Green Cleaning

If you’re like many people, you’re aware of the growing strains we’re putting on our environment. You probably do what you can to reduce your own carbon footprint. However, there remains numerous things we all do every day that only contributes to the problem. When it comes to choosing cleaning products, many focus on brand names and prices rather than ingredients.

Green Cleaning Salt Lake City

The green house cleaning staff here at Capital Cleaning has made cleaning a career, and we have taken special considerations when it comes to cleaning product selection. Using our research, you can get your Salt Lake City, UT home or office in proper order while enjoying the many benefits of eco-friendly products.

A Cleaner Homes With Healthier Inhabitants

Cleaning products are often chocked full of harmful chemicals. Especially when they are not used correctly, these can cause harm to our planet as well as the people using them. Our eco friendly cleaning staff uses high-quality cleaning agents that are still effective in getting the job done without the increased risks. Aside from the positive impact you can have on the environment when you select our green cleaning services, you can also improve the air quality and overall safety of your home for the ones you love. Some of the quality services we offer using our arsenal of green home cleaning products include:


    • Full bathroom cleaning including tub, sink, toilet, and shower
    • Mopping all floors
    • Wiping all baseboards and doors
    • Dusting all ceiling corners
    • and so much more!

Salt Lake City’s Eco Friendly Cleaning Solution

We all want to do our part to maintain a promising future for our children, and the staff here at Capital Cleaning is here to make your home or office shine without putting increased strains on our planet. Your satisfaction is our number one concern, and we can transform your living area into one that’s cleaner, fresher, and more efficient. Get your free green house cleaning quote today!